Monday, October 05, 2009

Russian Riddle

So what happens when you have a MAJOR traffic jam because of (poorly executed) road construction, and you are in a MAJOR hurry (just because you happen to be really rich, proven by the fact that you're driving around in Russia with a Land Cruiser)? How would YOU get somewhere fast in that situation? You're driving on a four-lane non-divided suburban highway; the right two lanes are completely jammed, and it is around 11pm.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and then I will post the solution to the riddle sometime in the near future... :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009


So, yeah, anyway, *cough*... Still here, existing on planet Russia. Just about the time that we get reliable internet, our schedule takes off into NITRO-boost mode. Wednesday and Sunday evenings we're helping two young ladies with their English studies, and since one of them is a photographer, I have also been lending her some of my camera equipment. Her goal is to raise some money for a trip to South Africa.
Sundays are our busiest, as we are going to the Peterhoff church in the morning (Rebecca can well remember the process from last time, I am sure!) and then trekking across town to a church on Nevski Prospect (rather than Kolpena; so it is a little shorter) having our second service there, and then doing an English class after that. Once we travel all the way back to the last train station, it's usually too late to catch a bus, so we've got to hail a taxi. It's quite a bit more expensive, but it is the only way to get back to the dacha after 11pm. So, yeah, it's fun. :)

Sorry this narrative is not more poetic or creative; I didn't really have time to wax eloquent since it's already past 2am. Just wanted to tell you all that we're still alive and kicking, and we appreciate your love, care and prayers!

I'll try and post more pictures as I have time! :)

Blessings to all those back home! We love and miss you!